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Revolutionary War Campaigns, Operations,
Expeditions, Raids & Massacres


A campaign is a phase of a war involving a series of operations related in time and space and aimed towards a single, specific, strategic objective or lead to the war. A campaign may add a single battle, but more often it comprises a number of battles over a long-drawn-out time period or a considerable distance, but within a single theatre of operations or delimited area. A campaign may last only a couple of weeks, but usually lasts a few months or even a year.

The term derives from the plain of Campania when it was a location of annual wartime operations by the armies of the Roman Republic. Many historical campaigns are so named as misnomers to improve or reduce the perception of operations for other than military reasons.

A military campaign denotes the time during which a given military force conducts fight operations in a particular area (often mentioned as AO, area of operation). A military campaign can be executed by either a single Armed Service, or as a combined services campaign conducted by land, naval, air and space forces. It is conducted with the function of accomplishing a certain desired resolution of a military conflict as its strategic goal, usually within a clearly defined resource, geographic and time limited criteria.

Revolutionary War Campaigns with Dates


Revolutionary War Operations with Dates


Revolutionary War Expeditions with Dates


Revolutionary War Raids with Dates


  • Turtle Bay Raid (July 20, 1775)
  • Mamaroneck Raid (October 22, 1776)
  • Peeskill Raid (March 23, 1777)
  • Danbury Raid (April 23-28, 1777 )
  • Sag Harbor Raid (May 23-24, 1777 )
  • Ticonderoga Raid (September ??, 1777)
  • Elizabethtown/Newark/Passaic Raid (September 11, 1777)
  • Bennington Raid (August 1777)
  • Martha's Vineyard Raid (September 8, 1778)
  • Shelby's Tennessee/Indian Raid (April 1779 )
  • Connecticut Coast Raid (July 1779)
  • Clinton's Connecticut Raid (July- ?? 1779)
  • Minisink Raid (August 1779)
  • Kentucky Raid (April-June, 1780)
  • Springfield Raid (June 7-23, 1780)
  • Hammond's Store Raid (December 27-31, 1780 )
  • Charlottesville Raid (June 4, 1781)
  • Tarleton's Virginia Raid (July 9-24, 1781)
  • Arnold's New London Raid (September 6, 1781)
  • Hillsboro Raid (September 12, 1781)

Revolutionary War Massacres with Dates


  • Boston Massacre (??)
  • Cherry Valley Massacre (??)
  • Gnadenhuetten Massacre (??)
  • Haw River Massacre (??)
  • Little Egg Harbor Massacre (??)
  • Logan Massacre (??)
  • Paoli Massacre (??)
  • Paxton Boys Massacre (??)
  • Tappan Massacre (??)
  • Waxhaws Massacre (??)
  • Wyoming Valley Massacre (??)
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