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Bold - without link or (X) means an notable event occured and not a battle


  • 1660 Trade and Navigation Acts
  • 1762 Writs of Assistance
  • 1764 Currency Act
  • 1765 Stamp Act
  • 1765 Quartering Act
  • 1767 Townsend Act
  • 1770 Boston Massacre
  • 1773 Tea Act
  • 1773 Boston Tea Party
  • 1774 Coersive/Intolerable Acts


19th, Lexington, Massachusetts
19th, Concord, Massachusetts
19th, Menotomy, Massachusetts
19th- 17th March, 1776, Boston, Massachusetts
21st, Charleston, South Carolina

MAY OF 1775

5th, Martha's Vineyard, Massachusetts
10th, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (X)
11th, Fort Ticonderoga (First), New York
12th, Crown Point (First), New York
14th-18th, St. Johns, Quebec
21st, Grape Island, Massachusetts
27th, Noodles Island, Massachusetts
28th, Hog Island, Massachusetts

JUNE OF 1775

6th, New York City, New York
11th-12th, Machias, ME
14th, U.S. Army officially created
17th, Bunker Hill/Breed's Hill, Massachusetts
17th, Charlestown, Massachusetts

JULY OF 1775

3rd, Gen. George Washington takes command of Army
5th, Olive Branch Petition written
8th, Roxbury/Boston Neck, Massachusetts
8th, Beaufort County Slave Uprising, North Carolina
9th, Bloody Point, South Carolina
12th, Fort Charlotte, South Carolina
17th, Ninety-Six, South Carolina
20th, Turtle Bay, New York
21st July, Great Brewster Island/Nantasket Point, Massachusetts
31st July, Great Brewster Island/Nantasket Point, Massachusetts


1st, Senecca Town, South Carolina
7th, St. Augustine, Florida
9th- 10th, Gloucester (Cape Ann), Massachusetts
14th, ??, Bermuda
23rd, Britian declares Colonies in state of Rebellion
24th, New York City, New York
26th-28th, Cambridge, Massachusetts
30th, Stonington, Connecticut


5th, Ile Aux Noix, Quebec
5th, St. Johns, Quebec
10th, Ile Aux Noix, Quebec
14th, Fort Johnson, South Carolina
18th-3rd Nov, St. Johns (First), Quebec 
21st, New York City Fire, New York
25th Sept -12th Nov, Montreal (First), Quebec
30th, Stonington, Connecticut


7th, Bristol, Rhode Island
13th, U.S. Navy officially created
15th, Montreal, Quebec
18th-19th, Falmouth, Mass.
18th, Chambly (First), Quebec
24th- 25th October, Hampton, Virginia


9th, Phipps' Farm/Boston, Massachusetts
9th, Lechmere Point, Massachusetts
10th, U.S. Marine Corps officially created
11th-12th, Hog Island Channel/Charlestown, South Carolina
13th, Montreal, Quebec
14th, Kemp's Landing, Virginia
15th, Plains of Abraham, Quebec
16th-21st, Fort Johnson, North Carolina
18th, Falmouth, ME
19th, Sorel, Quebec
19th- 21st Ninety-Six, South Carolina
22nd, Reedy River, South Carolina
27th HMS Nancy captured
29th Boston, Massachusetts


5th, Charlestown Harbor, South Carolina
8th- 31st, Montreal, Quebec
9th, Great Bridge, Virginia
13th, Norfolk, Virginia
22nd, Cane Break/Reedy River, South Carolina
22nd, Parlimant passed the Prohibitory Act
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