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Revolutionary War Battles for the Year 1777

•  January 1777  •  Febuary 1777  •  March 1777  •  April 1777  •  May 1777  •  June 1777   •
•  July 1777  •  August 1777  •  September 1777  •  October 1777  •  November 1777  •  December 1777   •
= American Victory   /   = British Victory   /   = Draw   /   (X) = Occupied Without Fight
Bold - without link or (X) means an notable event occured and not a battle


2nd, Assumpsick Bridge, New Jersey
2nd, Trenton (Second), New Jersey
3rd, Princeton, New Jersey
6th, Elizabethtown, New Jersey
6th, Hackensack, New Jersey
10th, Fogland Ferry, Rhode Island
17th, King's Bridge (First), New York
18th-29th, Fort Independence, New York
20th-22nd, Somerset CourtHouse, New Jersey
20nd, Millstone (First), New Jersey
25th, West Farms, New York
29th, Augusta (First), Georgia


2nd-4th, Fort McIntosh, Georgia
6th-9th, North Carolina coast, North Carolina
23rd-April 15th, Fort McIntosh, Georgia


3rd- 4th, Nassau, Rhode Island
8th, Amboy, New Jersey
8th, Punk Hill, New Jersey
16th, Ward's House, New York
16th, Westchester County, New York
23rd, Peekskill, New York
23rd, Sagg Harbor, New York
24th, Highlands, New York


2nd, HMS Roebuck vs. USS Defense
13th, Bound Brook, New Jersey
19th, Woodbridge, New Jersey
25th-27th, Danbury, Connecticut
27th, Ridgefield, Connecticut
28th, Crompo Hill/Norwalk, Connecticut
28th, Saugatuck Bridge, New York

MAY OF 1777

3rd, Dunkirk, France
8th, St. Louis vs. HMS Industry
10th, Piscataway, New Jersey
17th, Thomas' Swamp, Florida
18th, Amelia Island, Florida
21st, USS Comet vs. HMS Apalachicola
22nd, HMS Daphne vs. USS Fanny
23rd, Sag Harbor, New York
25th, USS Comet vs. HMS Rebecca

JUNE OF 1777

5th, HMS Union captured
8th-9th, St. John's River, Florida
14th, Stono Inlet, South Carolina
16th, Crown Point (Third), New York
17th, St. Louis vs. HMS Industry
17th, Millstone (Second), New Jersey
21st-22nd, Brunswick/New Brunswick, New Jersey
26th, Short Hills, New Jersey
26th, Metuchen/Woodbridge, New Jersey
27th, French Coast, France

JULY OF 1777

2nd, Fort Ticonderoga/Mount Defiance, New York
5th-6th, Fort Ticonderoga (Second), New York
6th, Skenesboro, New York
7th, Hubbardton, Vermont
8th, Fort Anne, New York
9th, Newport, Rhode Island
14th, USS Notre Dame vs. HMS Judith
22nd, Oconee River, Georgia
27th, Jenny McRae killed
29th- 30th, Fort Edward, New York


2nd, Moses Kill, New York
2nd, Dutch Island, Rhode Island
2nd-22nd, Fort Schuyler/ Fort Stanwix, New York
6th, Oriskany, New York
16th, Bennington, Vermont
21st-22nd, Staten Island, New York
22nd, Long Island/Setauket, New York
??, Reedy River, South Carolina


1st, Fort Henry/Wheeling (First), Virginia
3rd, Iron Hill (Cooch's Bridge), DE
11th, Brandywine Creek, Pennsylvania
12th, Chester, Pennsylvania (X)
16th, Malvern/ The Clouds, Pennsylvania
16th Warren/White Horse Tavern, Pennsylvania
18th, Lake George, New York
18th, Valley Forge, Pennsylvania
18th, Fort Ticonderoga, New York
19th, Saratoga (First)/Freeman's Farm, New York
19th, Bemus Heights, New York
20th-21st, Paoli (Massacre), Pennsylvania
23rd, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (X)
24th, Diamond Island, New York
26th, North Carolina coast, North Carolina


2nd, Billingsport, New Jersey
4th, Germantown, Pennsylvania
5th, Tarrytown, New York
6th, Fort Clinton/Fort Montgomery, New York
7th, Saratoga (Second)/Bemis Height's, New York
7th, Stillwater (Second), New York
8th, Constitution Island, New York
9th, Billingsport, New Jersey
10th, Fort Mifflin (First), Pennsylvania
16th, Kingston/Esopus, New York
22nd, Fort Mercer/Red Bank, New Jersey
23rd, Fort Mifflin, Pennsylvania


10th-15th, Fort Mifflin (Second), Pennsylvania
20th, Fort Mercer, New Jersey
25th, Gloucester, New Jersey


5th-8th, Whitemarsh, Pennsylvania
6th, Chestnut Hill, Pennsylvania
7th, Edge Hill, Pennsylvania
10th, Long Island (Second), New York
11th, Whitemarsh, Pennsylvania
11th, Gulph's Mills, Pennsylvania
11th, Matson's Ford, Pennsylvania
22nd, HMS Daphne vs. USS Comet
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