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Revolutionary War Battles for the Year 1781

•  January 1781  •  Febuary 1781  •  March 1781  •  April 1781  •  May 1781  •  June 1781   •
•  July 1781  •  August 1781  •  September 1781  •  October 1781  •  November 1781  •  December 1781   •
= American Victory   /   = British Victory   /   = Draw   /   (X) = Occupied Without Fight
Bold - without link or (X) means an notable event occured and not a battle


3rd, Hood's Point, Virginia
5th-7th, Richmond, Virginia
7th, Westham, Virginia
8th, Charles City Court House, Virginia
13th, Waccamaw Neck, South Carolina
15th, Road to Burr's Mill, South Carolina
17th, Cowpens, South Carolina
18th, Love's Ford/Broad River, South Carolina
22nd, Morrisiana (Second), New York
23rd-24th, Wiggin's Plantation, South Carolina
24th, Georgetown, South Carolina
30th, Heron Bridge, North Carolina


1st, Tarrant's Tavern, North Carolina
1st-18th November, Wilmington, North Carolina
1st, Cowan's Ford, North Carolina
3rd, St. Eustatius, West Indies
3rd, Trading Ford, North Carolina
6th, Grant's Creek, North Carolina
7th, Shallow Ford, North Carolina
11th, Bruce's Cross Roads, North Carolina
12th, Fort St. Joseph, MI
13th, Dix's Ferry, North Carolina
14th, DePeyster's Capture, Georgetown Co, South Carolina
17th, Hart's Mill, North Carolina
19th-21st, Fort Granby, South Carolina
21st, Thompson's Plantation, South Carolina
23rd, Big Savannah, South Carolina
25th, (Pyle's Massacre), Alamance Co, North Carolina
27th, Wright's Bluff, South Carolina


2nd, Clapp's Mill, North Carolina
2nd, Williams Fort, South Carolina
3rd-4th, "Tarleton's" Mistake, North Carolina
3rd, Alamance River, North Carolina
6th, Wetzell's Mills, North Carolina
6th, Wiboo Swamp, South Carolina
6th, Ratcliff's Bridge, South Carolina
9th, Pensacola, Florida
9th or 10th, Mount Hope Swamp, South Carolina
9th, Heron's Bridge, North Carolina
12th, South Buffalo Creek, North Carolina
15th, Fanning's Horses Raid, North Carolina
15th, Guilford Courthouse, North Carolina
15th, New Garden Mettinghouse, North Carolina
16th, Chesapeake Bay (First), Virginia
21st, Beattie's Mill, South Carolina
21st, Dutchman's Creek, South Carolina
15th, Road to Ramsey's Mill, North Carolina
28th, Sampit Bridge, South Carolina
29th, Snows Island, South Carolina
??, Tuckasgee/ Cherokee Middle Towns, TN


?th, Horner’s Creek, South Carolina
?th, Hammond's Mill, South Carolina
?th, Mathews' Bluff, South Carolina
??th, Wiggin's Hill, South Carolina
?th, Hanging Tree, North Carolina
?th Cashua Ferry, South Carolina
?th McPherson’s Plantation, South Carolina
1st Bear Bluff, South Carolina
Cole's Bridge, Scotland Co., North Carolina
2nd, Black River, South Carolina
2nd-3rd, Fort Nashborough, TN
3rd, Witherspoon's Ferry, South Carolina
7th, Four Holes, South Carolina
8th, Patterson's Bridge, South Carolina
9th, Waxhaws Church, South Carolina
Hulin's Mill, Dillon Co., South Carolina
13th, Fort Balfour, South Carolina
14th, HMS Britannia captured
15th- 23rd, Fort Watson, South Carolina
15th, Four Holes, South Carolina
15th, Wolf's Den, Ashe Co, North Carolina
16th- 5th June, Augusta (Third), Georgia
18th-20th, Burwell's Ferry, Charles City Co, Virginia
19th-21st Logtown, Kershaw Co., South Carolina
21st Williamsburg, James City Co., Virginia
22nd Chickahominy, Charles City Co., Virginia
22nd Camden Mill, Kershaw Co., South Carolina
25th, Hobkirk's Hill/Camden (Second), South Carolina
25th, Hillsborough, North Carolina
25th, Petersburg, Virginia
25th, Blanford, Virginia
26th Ambush of Coffin, Kershaw Co., South Carolina
27th, Osborne's, Virginia
27th, Chesterfield Court House, Virginia
27th-28th, Death of Abel Kolb, Marlboro Co., South Carolina
29th, Richmond, Virginia
30th, Manchester, Virginia
Late April Raids on Alexandria, Virginia. & Cedar, MD
Mid to late April, Mobley & Sandy Run Settlements Raid
Fairfield Co., South Carolina
Late April or mid May, Briar Creek, Screven Co, Georgia

MAY OF 1781

1st, Friday's Ferry, South Carolina
1st, Bush River, South Carolina
2nd-15th, Fort Granby, South Carolina
6th, Peacock Bridge, Wilson County, North Carolina
6th, Tarboro Edgecombe Co., North Carolina
6th, Peacock's Bridge, Wilson County, North Carolina
7th, Swift Creek/Fishing Creek, North Carolina
8th, Fort Motte, South Carolina
8th, Fair Forest Creek, South Carolina
8th, Sawney's Creek, South Carolina
9th, Pensacola, Florida
10th, Camden (Third), South Carolina
11th, Orangeburgh, South Carolina
11-12th, Cox's Mill, Randolph Co., North Carolina
13th, Myhand's Bridge, North Carolina
14th, Croton River, New York
14th, Friday's Ferry/Nelson's Ferry (Second), South Carolina
15th, Beech (Beach) Island, Aiken Co., South Carolina
16th, Portevent's Mill, North Carolina
21st, Saluda River, Newberry Co., South Carolina
21st, Fort Galphin/Fort Dreadnought, Georgia
22nd- 5th June, Augusta, Georgia
22nd- 29th June, Ninety-Six (Second), South Carolina
23rd, Fort Grierson (Second), Georgia
28th-29th Georgetown, South Carolina

JUNE OF 1781

1st, Vaudent's Old Field, South Carolina
3rd, Snipe's Plantation, South Carolina
4th, Charlottesville, Virginia
5th, Point of Fork, Virginia
7th, HMS General Arnold captured
8th, Cox's Mill, North Carolina
18th, Juniper Springs, South Carolina
26th, Rahway Meadow, New Jersey
26th, Spencer's Tavern, Virginia
26th, Williamsburg, Virginia
??, Wyanoke Ferry, North Carolina

JULY OF 1781

3rd, King's Bridge (Second), New York
3rd, Friday's Ferry, South Carolina
6th, Green Spring/Jamestown Ford, Virginia
7th, Ford's Plantation, South Carolina
8th, New Berne, North Carolina
8th-10th, Orangeburgh, South Carolina
9th, Currytown, New York
10th, Sharon Springs Swamp, New York
12th, Ogeechee River, Georgia
15th, Charlestown, South Carolina
15th, Tarrytown (Second), New York
16th, Biggin Church, South Carolina
17th, Quinby Bridge, South Carolina
25th, Orangeburgh, South Carolina
26th, Stuart's Creek, North Carolina
29th, Deep River, North Carolina


1st, Yorktown, Virginia
2nd, Georgetown, South Carolina
2nd, Rockfish Creek, North Carolina
3rd, McCord's Ferry, South Carolina
4th, Beatti's Bridge/Drowning Creek, North Carolina
5th, Dogger Bank, North Sea
6th, Short Hills/Metuchen, New Jersey
6th, Turkey Hill, South Carolina
6th, Shell's Bush, New York
7th, Parson's Plantation, South Carolina
8th, USS Trumbull vs. HMS Iris
13th, Parker's Ferry, South Carolina
15th, Four Mile Branch, South Carolina
16th, Kingston, North Carolina
17th, Weber's Bridge/Trent River, North Carolina
19th, New Bern, North Carolina
21st, Kingston, North Carolina
22nd, Ulster County, New York
22nd, Warwarsing, New York
24th, Ohio River, Indiana
27th, Tory Hole/Elizabethtown, North Carolina


1st, West Haven, Connecticut
1st, Little Raft Swamp, North Carolina
3rd, Ridgeway's Fort, South Carolina
5th, Chesapeake Capes (Second), Virginia
6th, New London, Connecticut
6th, Fort Griswold, Connecticut
6th, Groton Heights, Connecticut
6th, USS Congress vs. HMS Savage
8th, Eutaw Springs, South Carolina
8th, USS South Carolina vs. Alexander
11th, Moccasin Creek, TN
12th, Cane Creek (Second)/Lindley's Mill, North Carolina
12th, Kirk's Farm, North Carolina
13th, Hillsborough, North Carolina
23rd, Livingston's Creek, North Carolina
28th- 19th October, Yorktown, Virginia


3rd, Gloucester, Virginia
3rd, Pratt's Mill, South Carolina
4th, Hartley's Creek, South Carolina
5th, Stevens Creek, South Carolina
10th, Treadwell's Neck, New York
15th, Raft Swamp, North Carolina
16th, Monck's Corner, New York
24th, Johnson Hall, New York
25th, Johnstown (Second), New York
30th, Jerseyfield/West Canada Creek, New York
??, Vince's Fort, South Carolina
??, Brush Creek, North Carolina


1st, Gowen's Fort, South Carolina
2nd, Indian Old Fields/Ogeechee River, Georgia
6th, Wilkes County, Georgia
7th, Clouds Creek, South Carolina
9th, Hayes' Station, South Carolina
14th, More's Plantation, North Carolina
15th, Wilmington, North Carolina
16th, Seven Creeks, North Carolina
17th, Clouds Creek, South Carolina
17th, Fair Lawn, South Carolina
18th, Wilmington, North Carolina
19th, Hayes Station, South Carolina
25th, St. Eustatius, West Indies
27th, Fair Lawn, South Carolina


1st, Dorchester (First), South Carolina
3rd, Fork of the Hooper, Georgia
7th, McCord Creek, South Carolina
12th, Ushant, West Indies
19th, Goose Creek, South Carolina
20th, Garden's Plantation, South Carolina
22nd, Slaughter Field, South Carolina
28th-29th, Johns Island, South Carolina
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