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Greene's Campaign

  • Time Period: 15 February 1781 - 14 December 1782
  • Area: The Carolinas and Georgia
  • Explanation: Greene's reconquest of the south

Cowpens, South Carolina, was the scene of a classic battle, which marked the beginning of the American campaign under General Greene, to drive the British from the south. In terms of duration and actual troops engaged, it was a larger battle than Princeton, and its results—the destruction of an important part of the British army in the south—were incalculable toward ending the war.

Guilford Court House, North Carolina, was the site of the culminating battle in General Greene's campaign against General Cornwallis. Although Greene lost the battle, Cornwallis' forces were so depleted that he retreated to the coast and from there moved to Virginia, where was ultimately to meet his fate at Yorktown.

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